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Robo Club Summer Camp Starts from April.

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we are also offering projects to schools and colleges

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Does your child like ROBOTS ? How would they feel about making a model that can move, speak and even think on its own? How would YOU like it if they found a fun way to learn about Programming, Math, Science and Engineering? Would your school like to start a robotics program and/or enter a team in the FLL & WRO ?
About Us - Robo Club
About Robo Club

A World-class Robotics Club for young innovators: 6 to 19 years. Cutting-edge programs for each age group. International exposure.

Developing the inherent logic in young minds through creativity to lead the World in Robotics Innovation...

Robots are the workforce of the (very near)future.  From the mundane jobs (like parallel parking your car) to the exotic tasks (of finding us another habitable planet in a galaxy far away).. they will do our every bidding.

@RoboClub we are readying the minds that will build and control this futuristic team of robots... And have loads of fun learning how to do just that. Young engineers now have a world-class robotics club where they can design and actually build virtually anything they can think-up!

All of this...though our action-packed programs in robotics, mechanics, electronics, animation and aero-modelling with solid foundations in science, math and cutting edge technology.

And through active participation in robotics competitions our young innovators get to shine in the national and global arenas!

The curriculum contains lessons on robotics, engineering, and programming, catering to both beginner and advanced students. This is mixed with both single-week challenges and multi-week projects, with the occasional competition thrown in for good measure (There have been many requests for a return of Robot Sumo). More precise detail can be provided upon request.

One of the primary goals of the Robo Club program is to encourage students to form teams and participate in the FIRST® LEGO® League (“Senior Solutions”) tournament. The 2012 season opens on August 28th, 2012 - but this will NOT be compulsory.

Note: The FLL is open to students aged 9 - 16. Students outside this age range will NOT be able to enter the tournament, but they WILL still be able to fully enjoy the Robo Club activities.
Spaces are limited, and enrolment is essential.

  • Prospective students and parents are welcome to visit and ask questions (please give advance notice!)
  • Students pay by the school term (in advance). Payments for each term are required by week 4. Alternate payment arrangement will be considered on a case-by-case basis.
  • New students can sign up for a "trial period" of one week ( 3 projects ) duration.