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Robo Club Summer Camp Starts from April.

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we are also offering projects to schools and colleges

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robo club
Does your child like ROBOTS ? How would they feel about making a model that can move, speak and even think on its own? How would YOU like it if they found a fun way to learn about Programming, Math, Science and Engineering? Would your school like to start a robotics program and/or enter a team in the FLL & WRO ?
Robo Club @ Birthday Party
Robo Club @ Birthday Party

A holistic technology program, it combines digital art and storyboarding, Animation, Video Game Design, and Robotics to offer students a bouquet of digital applications to explore. With 8 pre-designed options such as "Animation Alive", "Medeival Mission", "Mission to Mars", "F1-race car", "Fashion design", and "Planet Protector", "Expedition Egypt", "Olympics" or create one's own topic such as "Rockbank", "Dancing", the participants are introduced to:

  • Storyboarding
  • Stick figure and clay animation
  • Movie Making
  • Google Sketch-up, Scratch, Gamemaker
  • Robotics(1-3) projects

A Sample of activities:

  • Design a story, based on a character, location, or a theme
  • Create a logo
  • Plan marketing program
  • Digitlly create visuals using kidpix, paint, digital tablet...
  • Generate or simply add music

The program culminates in marketing resources of a movie or a website showcasing the product or idea.