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Robo Club Summer Camp Starts from April.

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we are also offering projects to schools and colleges

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Does your child like ROBOTS ? How would they feel about making a model that can move, speak and even think on its own? How would YOU like it if they found a fun way to learn about Programming, Math, Science and Engineering? Would your school like to start a robotics program and/or enter a team in the FLL & WRO ?
Robotics & Engineering - Master - Ages 14+
Robotics & Engineering - Master - Ages 14+

Robotics & Engineering- Master

The Master Robotics marks the flow into Lego MindStorms NXT robots and the building or larger and more complex robots, including the use of Bluetooth for remote controlled programming and manipulation or math variables. The program is divided into basic & intermediate Components. The participants:

  • Are Introduced to types of robots and cool robots
  • introduced to Humanoids and robotics challenges
  • Programming in NXT-G
  • Are encouraged lo create independent proiects such as a wheelchair....

A sample of activities:

  • Working with sensors
  • Programming & Control of robots
  • Obstacle detection & avoidance
  • Motion sensor
  • Proximity sensor
  • Concurrent behaviour navigation Decision programming

The projects in master robotics encompass:

  • Animal projects such as the rattlesnake & inchworm
  • Machines such as windshield wiper, grabber, robotic arm and catapult
  • Building and programming remote controlled robots
  • Race cars with differentioal drive and rack & pinion
  • Using gears to speed their cars or carry heavy loads
  • Building rovers with a grab arm

During the final session, students will showcase their work and also take part in a Sumo robot or a trailer load competition.