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Robo Club Summer Camp Starts from April.

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Does your child like ROBOTS ? How would they feel about making a model that can move, speak and even think on its own? How would YOU like it if they found a fun way to learn about Programming, Math, Science and Engineering? Would your school like to start a robotics program and/or enter a team in the FLL & WRO ?
Robotics & Engineering - Robo Club
Robotics & Engineering

Robots carry an image of either a humanoid or a metal creature with tons of soldering and electrical circuits. Lego, however, brings the beauty of robotics through MindStorms NXT, a robotics sytem that carries an appeal well beyond age and gender. In particular, our programmes are designed to:

  • Offer over 150 robot projects of increasing difficulty to choose from spanning our entire robotics program
  • Cater to a variety of interests and abilities
  • Delve into experiencing Science concepts of Newton's laws, force, energy, friction, simple machines, and an in-depth study of gears, levers, pulleys, & cams
  • Radius of turn, circle, speed, distance, time are a few of the Math concepts encountered
  • Creative design challenges such as transforming a car into a crawling instect & vice versa
  • Daily project extensions provide the framework for continuing set of challenges
  • Construct one or more projects every session

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  • Junior
  • Senior
  • Master

Why Lego MindStorms NXT

Since 1998 its first launch of Robots, Lego Mindstorms NXT Robots now allow students of varying interests and abilities to explore and express their imagination. With a large community that supports the third party development of sensors and actuators, the NXT frees students from the world of soldering and electronics and allows them to focus on the problem on hand. With a programming interface that supports both simple and complex programming needs, students ages 9+ can see their creation come alive in a very short time.